Introducing MuShake -
A Music App for Every Musicians

MuShake is a music collaboration app for you to record your music performance and collaborate with people around the globe. You can use MuShake to create your multitrack video collage, invite your friends to join your private band session, or allow public collaboration for others to join.

Musicians' community

Meet music friends and jam together

Multi-track video recording

Make video collages easily


Invite others or join existing project


Share your music to social platforms


Let's sing A Cappella!

Letscappella provides a selection of score sheets with different levels and genres. It offers a platform to put A Cappella into practice. You can listen to individual parts, record each part and later combine them into a video. Share your works with people around the world!


metronome + groovebox

Problem of rushing and dragging? Metrogroove keeps your tempo! Drummer on leave? Let Metrogroove be your drummer! It has all the functionalities of metronome and generates groove patterns. Metrogroove is your best music companion.

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